We often hear people talking about Digital Marketing, but just what is this type of marketing?

I wanted to create this post to examine just what digital marketing is and see how and if this is good for any business out there.

Digital Marketing - The Basics

Where marketing has always been about connecting with your audience in the right place and at the right time. Digital Marketing is about connecting with your audience on the Internet.

That may sound too simple, but that is the basic goal of marketing you online presence. It's about connecting with your audience through many of the channels online.

When I talk about channels, we're talking about things such as Google search, Social Media, E-mail and other channels which will allow you to reach your audience and create a funnel to your offer, service or webpage.

This is, of course, simplifying what digital marketing involves, but hopefully this gives you a basic idea of just what it is.

What Does Digital Marketing Involve?

As you may already have imagined, the simple description given above is just a brief simple overview of what digital marketing is. To implement this is far more involved.

Before you even begin your marketing efforts - you first need to work out your digital marketing strategy. 

You strategy will be unique to you but will contain things such as understanding your brand and audience, setting measurable goals and knowing your competition. Your unique strategy may contain more - things that are important to your business.

When you've set out your strategy - you can then start to leverage the techniques to reach the audience you have defined in your strategy.

This is a very simplistic overview of what is involved to market your business, site or other online brand - but I hope it has at least given you some idea of the basics of what digital marketing involves.

How Can We Help?

This is quite a basic overview but I hope that it has given you some ideas on just what digital marketing is - at least the basics.

If you have found this useful then please leave a comment and with enough comments I may create a much more in-depth post on digital marketing and how you can start with it.

There is one other option of course. If you would prefer help with your online marketing effort - we do offer a digital marketing service. If you would like more detail on this; what we can offer - then please feel free to contact us.

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