Some would say that the importance of SEO was to bring in organic search results. To help people find your site.

I say there is a little more to it than just getting your site found, though having your site listed high in the search results is the biggest reason for good SEO.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation

Getting found

Good SEO helps you get found from amongst all the other sites out there. Good SEO will help with your search engine placement which in turn will help with your organic traffic.

Many would say that this is the real, sole purpose of SEO and Iit does start There. We start off looking at a site, looking at a blog article and think 'how will I get this found?'.

That is the perfect starting point if we want good SEO. While on that journey of SEO for the article, for the website, I believe that SEO offers more than just getting found, raising your organic traffic. I believe that the journey starts there but they as you go through the process it gives you so much more.

I wanted to say, yes, it does focus on getting your found, but there is so much more too it, some of which I address in this post today.

Clarifying your message

Clarifying Message

Clarifying Message

You choose your keywords depending on what you want to get found for, that is fact. We say to ourselves “I want to get my site found for these keywords”. So, how can We do that? We write about a subject on our website or in our blog post that tells a story with sentences containing the words we want our sites to rank for.

So, looking at the process. We list out the keywords we want to rank for. We then write an article with these terms in them. Doing this means that we clarify the message we want to say? We can zone in on just writing about the subject that contains the correct keywords. Doing this we have clarity in our message, our article. The search terms give true meaning and a clear view of what we wanted to say.

We could just write nonsense and put in the terms we want to rank for. However, search engines such as Google are smart these days. They want only good well rounded and formatted content ranking high. So writing some jumbled up sentences with the correct terms it won't work, it won't rank well.

So, SEO forces us to clarify our message. We write down the keywords we want then we write well rounded, formatted content with these terms in. SEO clarifies our story, our message.

Connecting with others

Connecting With Others

Connecting With Others

Another SEO tactic is to get links back to your website from other sites with the same niche or subject. These hyperlinks back to the website give what they call link juice, which is how our site builds more authority with the search engine as well as with peers of the subject and niche we cover.

You don't have control over these other niche sites so you have to reach out and create a relationship with their owners. You have to spend time getting to know them, finding that common ground and work with them to hopefully have them link back to your site. Getting good SEO really enforces the connecting with others because you need this relationship to get good links to improve your search engine optimisation.

SEO gives you that push to connect and some of those connections could be a friend or mentor or even more for life. SEO did that, gave you the strength and drive to go out and connect.

Some would say the importance of SEO

Some would say that the importance of SEO was to bring in organic search results. I am saying its more than that. I would say it starts off with the idea of getting better organic results from placements in the search engines, but in doing so it helps to clarify your writing and helps you reach out and connect with others who enjoy talking about the same niche subject.

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