Creating A Custom WordPress Theme - The Basics

Why would you want a standard, potentially boring, default WordPress theme? Don't get me wrong, many of the themes, probably thousands, offer some great visual aspects for anyone's website. The ease at which you can swap them out, change the look and feel. However, it's still someone else's design. The theme was most likely created for a website they wanted, shared to the world where many other website owners have used that same theme.

What you really want is your own theme, your own custom WordPress theme.

Create A WordPress Theme - The Basics

Why not check out this first video, in a coming series of videos, where I go through the basics of creating a Custom WordPress Theme.

After Watching The WordPress Video

So, hopefully, you’ve watched the video now have the info you need on the basic setup for your own WordPress Theme. Now, this video doesn’t show you how to create a fully featured theme, however, I am starting on a video series on doing just that thing.

I'm going to take you from the bare bone basics, shown in this video, to a point where you have a simple custom WordPress theme that displays your posts.

I will also show you how to create a custom page for displaying your posts, so you can customize all parts of your own page.

So, if you want to get to know the basics then keep popping back. Alternatively, if you would like a custom page but don't want to do the work yourself, then why not check out my services page for an idea on how much I can create one for you.


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